LeuLeu Mountain View Villa & Camping

Private room

Things you’ll enjoy

1 double bed

Self-service breakfast

1 fresh towel / guest

Daily room cleaning

Complimentary wifi

Stay up to

6 guests/ room

Estimated $ “Damage”

VND 400,000 / night / room
VND 600,000 / night / room


VAT inclusive

In & Out

Check in at 2pm
Check out at 12pm

Besides, you’ll find

  • A clean space for yourself, family and friends whether you prefer some privacy or snuggle together with your besties
  • Lots and lots of beanie bags and terraces for you to relax, chill or work on some of your projects
  • Motorbikes or bicycles for rent so you can go out and explore the town

Special notes

  • We understand it might be troublesome to travel sometimes. If you arrive earlier than the check-in time, you can leave your bags with us and go to have some fun before checking in. Same goes for checking out on time but you need to wait for your flight or bus to depart.
  • In case you need the room earlier or check out late to rest, there is a small fee we’ll charge to keep the room for you. 50% of the room rate will be charged if you check in from 6am to 2pm or check out after 12pm till 6pm. 100% of room rate will be charged if you check in even earlier than 6am or check out later than 6pm.
  • Early check-in or late check-out is all subject to our room availability. Don’t worry too much as we have cozy lounges and cafe for you to relax while waiting.
  • For extra bed, it will cost you additional VND 100,000/bed/night.