our story

Not long ago, when a group of hard-core travelers got together in Da Lat – the city of pinehills and flowers – they thought of dedicating their time, hearts and souls in promoting this land to other travelers who love to enjoy a relaxing, responsible and exploratory experience in Da Lat. In that moment, Hello Dalat was born.

After a year, Hello Dalat didn’t limit itself in just Da Lat. It reached out further to other places, both domestically in internationally. Besides individual or small group travelers, Hello Dalat started hosting larger groups, companies and large corporations to different destinations, helping their employees bond together, understand each other better, work together more effectively and efficiently. The whole team always believe they can go far together as long as their dreams are big enough. And so will you.


our values

we care

Not only we care for our clients and customers to ensure they have the most enjoyable experience, we also pay attention to protecting our Mother Nature and promoting responsible traveling experiences.

We Collaborate

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all model. Each and every client or customer has their own needs and desires. Therefore, we choose to partner with our clients to make sure they receive what they deserve.

We stay

We desire to strive for a sustainable business development. Sustainable business will continue to support the economic growth, promote responsible tourism and take good care of returning clients and customers. When we decide to stay, we’ll stay for good.

We Transform

Technology will transform the future of travel. We choose to embrace changes, adapt and ensure that technology will help optimizing the travel experiences, from planning, booking to getting the best out of the trips. But above all, you’ll always get a lot of smiles from us, the real people.



The Mastermind #1

As a hard-core traveler by heart, our Mastermind #1 knows the land inside out. In addition, he knows what counts to make your trip work harder for you. With over 20 years of outdoor and adventurous traveling experiences, you can throw away your worries and enjoy your sweet time as he will bounce back with awesome ideas to make your trips unforgettable.

The Mastermind #2

A borne traveler and marketer, our Mastermind #2 can “smell” your problem pretty quickly. And believe it or not, she can surprise you with her creativity and different ways of approaching your travel wish. Personalizing your trips is her desire so why don’t you just let her do that?


The Shark

Don’t be scared. It’s just her nickname. But she lives by it, we swear. Our Shark is willing to bite the bullet if that gives you the best trips of your dream. She is running all the operations and making sure your travel plan go live seamlessly.

The Panther

If there is anyone knowing the mountains, the rocks, the waterfalls and the trees, that must be our Panther. He will be the one who is taking charge of your safety and maximizing your outdoor experiences. So cast your fear aside as our Panther gets you covered.


Lil’ Miss Sunshine

Our event & team building master is one of the most cheerful person you’ve ever met on earth. From events, parties, concerts to team building trips, she’ll handle professionally. Well, you might wonder how she can do such demanding projects so effortlessly. Believe it or not. She’s a pro.

The Panda

Don’t be fooled by his look. He’s our digital guru who handles all things digital. You might not see him much physically but whenever you come across us online, that’s just some of his awesome works.


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